1. About the sample: How could I get a sample?
We have to receive your payment for samples and their express delivery cost , then send samples to you. The prices of the samples are the same as those on the pricelist. Express delivery charge depends on the quantity of the samples.
2. About price: could I get your pricelist?
Yes, please tell us the products ( with their code number ), quantity you are interested in, then we will offer the price by e-mail.
3. About the shipment: what kind of shipment will you use?
We usually ship the products by ship via our shipping agent,if you have your pointed agent, Negotiated.
4. About warranty: how long for warranty?
From 3 months , 6 months to 12 months warranty. It depends on different products. We may replace unqualified parts with qualified ones on following order after receiving buyer's unqualified parts or photo at least.
5. About sole-distributor: what about the terms to become your sole distributor in our city, area or state,country?
If you can sell our products worth USD 10,000 ----50,000 per month, you can become our sole distributor in your city or area; if you can sell our products worth USD 50,000 or above per month, you can become our sole distributor in your state, if you want to be a sole agent in your country, negotiable.
6. About OEM: could we place order by OEM style to produce our own brand products in China?
Of course you can. Welcome to do OEM.


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