Golf Trolley

Golf Trolley ATVGolf Trolley:CB-GF001
Golf Trolley ATVGolf Trolley:CB-GF002
Golf Trolley ATV Golf Trolley:CB-GF003

Golf Trolley:CB-GF004

Golf Trolley:CB-GF005

Golf Trolley:CB-GF006

Golf Trolley:CB-GF007

Golf Trolley:CB-GF008

Golf Trolley:CB-GF009

Golf Trolley

We are pleased to be able to bring you in our opinion the finest golf trolley available in the whole of China. These trolleys are made in China and have no loose wires. The manufacturers of our factories give great performance, reliability and durability. This electric golf trolley will fold smaller. This means it will fit into the smallest car boot and is available in a choice of colors.

The features of golf trolley including a low noise, low consumption engine with a smooth take up. Welded box section (steel) with double reinforcement to stress prone areas as well as Ergonomic and height adjustable handle. Long Life nylon bushes fitted to compound folding system. Battery and Charger Included.

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